The Love Hunt

As featured on SHUTTERFLY’s Storytelling website!

Description: Couples can reminisce about all of their milestones with an interactive photo scavenger hunt - a "Love Hunt". The activity reminds us why we fell in love in the first place. The love hunt is a journey, so is true of life.

Each item to be found is a picture from a special time in your relationship. On the back of each picture is a short note about what that moment meant to you and a clue as to where to find the next picture. Ultimately, the final item at the end of the love hunt is a photobook. Included in the book are all the pictures that were in the hunt.

  1. First, pick out pictures from, or relating to, the most important times in your lives together (i.e. when you met, when you first knew that you loved the other person, favorite trips taken, engagement, wedding, birth of a child, etc...).
  2. Write a note on the back of each picture that conveys the feelings you have about that moment (or what you were thinking at the time the picture was taken). Leave space to write the next clue! You will have to come back to this after you've figured out all the places in your house/location where you will hide them.
  3. Design the hunt by correlating the event in the picture to something relevant in your house.    

              (See below for examples)


For instance:

  • Vacations: We took a trip to Spain and loved everything, especially the food. So you would put a picture from the trip inside the Spanish cookbook that was purchased on the trip or bookmarked on the Spanish recipe page of a different cookbook. The clue on the previous picture could read: "We then took a trip and traveled overseas.....your next item will be found by our Spanish recipes!". 
  • Engagement: "Our lives changed forever when you got down on bended knee....your next item will be found inside the video you made for me". I made my wife a slideshow video with all our favorite pictures and music. She obviously loved it, but we hadn't watched it in a while. So at this point of the love hunt, we paused and watched the video. Then she looked at the clue to find the next item.
  • Wedding: "We immortalized our love in a sacred ceremony...your next clue will be found in the book that holds this memory." The next clue is in your wedding album, where you both pause to go through and remember your special day. On the last page of the album is your next clue.
DSC_0654 [640x480].JPG
  • Finale: "I love that every night we lay close in our cozy bed....your final gift can be found underneath where you lay your head." Why I love ending the love hunt here is that you can both lay in bed and look at the book together....who knows what will come of this moment....but it couldn't get any more intimate.
DSC_0656 [640x480].JPG

Get creative on where you hide the pictures and how you link the clues to the locations. Ideally, the location of each picture should have purpose and correlate with something intimate between the two of you. It can get intriguing if you are able to tie in other memorabilia (videos, wedding albums, mementos) However, don't get too hung up on the locations or trying to rhyme the clues.....remember, you are bringing your memories back to HAVE FUN WITH IT!.

I would love to hear how your LOVE HUNT went. So, please leave a comment or send an email. Pictures are welcome as well. I'd be happy to post them here for you to share with the community. GOOD LUCK!